Tired of seeing the same stock images everywhere? Want some professional photographs for your website or marketing materials? Need quality pictures of your employees, products or business in action?

Professional photography can really help a business stand out. An experienced photographer will be able to capture your products in the best light and take quality head shots of your team to ensure consistency in your company branding.

Why choose Scamp

At Scamp much of our work involves using images whether online or in brochures and prospectuses. We know what kind of angles look good and what photos will best represent your business.

Our designers work with photographers to plan which photographs are needed for your project and ensure that we get a style that reflects your company well. We can then format the photographs for your marketing materials, website or adverts or simply send you the final image files.

Who we design for

We’ve provided photography services for different organisations and companies. Some of our projects include school prospectuses and company website images.

We think high quality photographs complement many of our design services and it helps to think about these in the planning stages. If you have a design project in mind and would like us to provide photography services alongside the project then let us know.

Contact our friendly team of designers today to find out more about our photography service.

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