Logo Design

Having a logo is a great way of making your business easily recognisable. A well designed logo can give a potential customer an idea of what kind of business you are.

From the fun to the formal; we can create a unique logo that will help your business stand out. You can use your logo online, in print, on clothing and vehicles and pretty much anywhere else you choose.

Why choose Scamp

Logos are one of our specialities. We’ve been creating logos for all kinds of projects for as long as we can remember so we’ve got pretty good at it.

When we design your logo we take time to understand what it is representing. What will your logo tell your clients about your company? Will it be contemporary, elegant, colourful, simple, stylish or crazy? Whatever you want your logo to say, we’ll create a design that is perfect for you.

Who we design for

Our logo designs range from the weird and wonderful to the simple and stylish. We’ve designed logos for start-ups, SMEs, big businesses, one off events and individual product ranges.

Some of our designs include a cycle shop, an IT company, charities, schools and even a company providing therapy and massage to pregnant women. If you want a fresh logo as unique as your business then we’d love to hear from you.

Contact our friendly team of designers today to find out more about our logo design service.

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